Just three words…

Bridge Innovation Group [B.I.G.] is of course not just three words.
Bridge is an assembly of thinkers, doers and change agents who are starting small and thinking BIG!

One of our favourite innovation stories of the past few years is also a lot more than just three words and indeed they have mapped the globe to within three square metres by taking precisely and literally this approach.

We are of course talking about What3Words and it was heartening to read in this week’s press a small by-line about them. They have helped launch a new postal service in the Ivory Coast that will transform every individual citizen’s life by giving them an address, an identity and a passport to participate in both national and global society and commerce.

Of course many innovations never make it to fruition at all, never mind into the national press, and the mantra of ‘fail fast fail often’ is oft quoted. What does that mean to you, your business, its customers and how do you address [excuse the pun] it?

We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we do have lots of questions. Bridge is immersed in the world of innovation and can bring change to you together with a clear focus on what matters in business.

Every month we will seek out another example of outstanding innovation from around the globe. In the mean time feel free to get in touch.

Create Impact With This SaaS Social Media Wall

Here at Bridge, we like to try new tech and innovation before we buy (or on-sell it to you!).


Recently, we reviewed an affordable solution that could help small scale organisations – in this case, an Arts festival – deliver a richer social media mix.

Using TINT, we were able to provide a broader mix of user-generated content to support one of the events at this successful UK dance festival.

Its very straightforward as it takes advantage of these key trends:

  • Easy availability of social media APIs
  • Access to a scalable, event-specific Cloud-based solution
  • Growth in Social Media sharing behaviours

Our goal was to demonstrate, in a live situation, how the Tint solution could provide automated delivery of social media content streamed to multiple screens. Ideally this should help minimise the workload of the one-person marketing team so they could focus on higher-value content and marketing tasks.

Tint works by linking people’s comments and social media shares to an event and then displaying these via a web page(s) and via screens at the venue.


Using Tint is easy but it does require some up-front planning – an agreed content strategy and knowledge of who your most successful social media ambassadors may be.

You select a number of Social Media accounts to follow e.g. Dance Umbrella’s Facebook Page; Dimitris’s Twitter account, a hashtag to capture audience comments plus I created a list in Twitter to capture dance-related accounts e.g. The Place, Dance Tabs

With these channels set-up, you then can edit the display options to create the ideal-looking page. It’s a responsive design so works across all size screens.

And then you can automate or manually moderate the content to ensure that it helps market your event. One nice feature is the ability to link a call to action prompt to selected content. I used this to promote buying tickets and this appeared on Tweets from fans who were raving about the show.

We are still reviewing the numbers (Tint supplies data points) and overall effectiveness of the marketing but this is certainly worth a look if you want to create some impact around an event.

Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality

This recent article highlights Healthcare companies utilising VR Tech.

“We’re all aware that the potential applications of Virtual Reality span far beyond the world of gaming. For Healthcare Companies, there are potential applications in entertainment, sports, business and even in healthcare.

Healthcare is one industry in particular that stands to really benefit from the utilization of VR technology.

Imagine being able to get a consultation from any doctor across the globe. To take that thought further, imagine having a doctor in one country perform surgery in another country through the use of Virtual Reality; the possible applications of VR in the healthcare industry are truly limitless and have the potential to be more life changing than any other VR innovations.

Healthcare is not one of the flashier industries for VR right now, as a result there are not nearly as many companies nor as much interest compared to those working on VR gaming; but the companies who are working in this space are doing great things and have real potential to alter the healthcare industry.

Courtesy of IamVR