Tinderisation & the Corporation – a match made in heaven?

What lessons might Tinder have for us in corporate life?

Tinder has hooked a whole generation by focusing on the user experience elements such as speed, ease of use, personalisation and content optimisation. Such zeitgeist jumping has been commercially fruitful for the owners of the business and similarly fruitful for successful users. Besides the sociological impact on the ‘losers’ in this game of faces, buff bods, and figure(s) skating could such a surface level approach work in a corporate market context?

Sellers, buyers & the dance of the bumble bee

Many markets exist from virtualised financial services to physical farmers markets. What about procurement and the various platforms that exist to enable buyers and sellers to eye each other up and find that perfect match? Recruitment is another market perhaps even closer to the dating game. Technologies in both these areas are just about catching up with the internet and provide a reasonable online experience but there is huge variance in quality and a distinct lack of imagination on display. The dance of the bumble bee in search of reciprocal honey is by definition a repeatable experience and evidenced from my own recent research very inefficient. As a humble bee I won’t embarrass some very large brands who either directly or via their platform providers are off the pace and at risk of a disconnect from the Tinder generation. Instead let’s focus on the opportunity!

A data led approach enabling user segmentation and personalisation is a well worn path for most consumer brands. To what extent might business take advantage of the potential benefits of consumerisation, for which I took as a provocative starting point for this blog; Tinderisation & the Corporation?

  • Data privacy, hygiene, governance and optimisation – what’s relevant, necessary and value adding for both parties?
  • Easy does it – don’t make work more ‘worky’ and remove negative frictions
  • Trend towards self-service – let me filter: show me company A over company B etc  guide me with omni-channel tools and avoid cul-de-sacs
  • Disintermediation of the human – create clear pathways for human intervention, interaction, personality and value adding positive friction
  • A corporation of co-operation – understand the eco-system in which you operate. Enable and encourage collaboration. Support the life – work balance.

This is my first chapter in a forthcoming e-book on Customer Experience so all comments valued. Thank you.



One thought on “Tinderisation & the Corporation – a match made in heaven?”

  1. Interesting to see glassdoor type apps shed some light on the murky HR practices of companies. With full employment why not a tinder for job recruitment, it would make match making easier and should be a win win situation for those seeking a job and those looking to fill one.

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