Just three words…

Bridge Innovation Group [B.I.G.] is of course not just three words.
Bridge is an assembly of thinkers, doers and change agents who are starting small and thinking BIG!

One of our favourite innovation stories of the past few years is also a lot more than just three words and indeed they have mapped the globe to within three square metres by taking precisely and literally this approach.

We are of course talking about What3Words and it was heartening to read in this week’s press a small by-line about them. They have helped launch a new postal service in the Ivory Coast that will transform every individual citizen’s life by giving them an address, an identity and a passport to participate in both national and global society and commerce.

Of course many innovations never make it to fruition at all, never mind into the national press, and the mantra of ‘fail fast fail often’ is oft quoted. What does that mean to you, your business, its customers and how do you address [excuse the pun] it?

We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we do have lots of questions. Bridge is immersed in the world of innovation and can bring change to you together with a clear focus on what matters in business.

Every month we will seek out another example of outstanding innovation from around the globe. In the mean time feel free to get in touch.

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