Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality

This recent article highlights Healthcare companies utilising VR Tech.

“We’re all aware that the potential applications of Virtual Reality span far beyond the world of gaming. For Healthcare Companies, there are potential applications in entertainment, sports, business and even in healthcare.

Healthcare is one industry in particular that stands to really benefit from the utilization of VR technology.

Imagine being able to get a consultation from any doctor across the globe. To take that thought further, imagine having a doctor in one country perform surgery in another country through the use of Virtual Reality; the possible applications of VR in the healthcare industry are truly limitless and have the potential to be more life changing than any other VR innovations.

Healthcare is not one of the flashier industries for VR right now, as a result there are not nearly as many companies nor as much interest compared to those working on VR gaming; but the companies who are working in this space are doing great things and have real potential to alter the healthcare industry.

Courtesy of IamVR

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